"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms."

~ Muriel Rukeyser

     The night sky is a beautiful place offering refuge to scientists and artists alike. Exploring places & people through the lens of Astronomy gives a unique perspective. We are here to share our perspective with you and hear yours. Wandering Stargazer explores observational Astronomy as well as the intersections of Astronomy and the Arts. 


Pooja Tolia 
With 8+ years of experience in stargazing, she started her journey by making her own 4 inch telescope at the Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai. After working with the Planetarium for 3+ years and picking up the tricks of the trade, she is now exploring the art of storytelling to communicate Astronomy while pursuing her PhD in Outer Space Politics.

Contributing Writer & Editor:

Saqib Malik

An astrophile who breaks the monotony of his 9 - 5 job with his writing escapades and curious adventures around astronomy, food and

other things fun!

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